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From Nike Goalie -- "Taxi Driver" AKA best NHL commercial ever. Cab Driving Goalie dressed in Montreal gear: I'm not really a cab driver you know. I used to be a goalie. Hey get outta my way! Goalie: OK. It's true. Mats Sundin exposed a weak stick hand. With his strong skating... his stick handling. By the way, it's $3.00 for the bridge. ... Goalie: Are you Swedish sir? Man in back seat: {no I'm from Indiana} Goalie: That's good because I'm not picking up Swedish people. They remind me of Mats Sundin. rival cab driver: Learn how to drive! Goalie: Learn how to make a kick save! Face de boeuf! (meatface) Goalie: Boy it's hot here. Passenger: Well... maybe if you took off your mask.... you wouldn't be hot. Goalie: What mask? Goalie: That Sundin.... I never knew what he was going to do. Go top shelf... bottom shelf... glove side... stick side. ...hey by the way uh... .where do you get those beads on the seats? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySjUgBSA80g

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